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Tip #6 – Preventing peach tree pests

The most important preventable pest for peach trees is peach leaf curl. The fungus responsible for the disease over-winters in cracks in the bark. When the young leaves expand, the fungus attacks them and results in deformed leaves and the flowers and fruit dropping off. When the leaves have expanded to their full size though, they can no longer be infected. Spray the entire tree with Bordeaux Mixture in […]

What to do with your old christmas tree

Why not recycle it.

Unless you opted for a living tree this year — or went with a not-so-eco-friendly fake plastic tree — your Christmas tree will soon be turning into a lifeless lump of firewood. Luckily for you, recycling your Christmas tree in Leicestershire is simple. Don’t put the tree in the rubbish and send it to landfill; give it […]


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