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We provide an affordable lawn treatment service that will have your lawn fit, healthy and looking great in no time. Lawn treatment is far more than just cutting the grass. It’s important the soil is aerated and fertilized, all of which helps to ensure that a robust and healthy lawn achieves its full potential. Our lawn care involves de-mossing, scarifying and aerating, along with the application of fertilisers and weeding agents. Applying the correct application at the right time of year will significantly enhance both the health and presentation of your lawn. Details as follows…

Spring Lawn Care

In spring we treat your lawn with a granular fertiliser to encourage growth and give you a good green colour. If moss is a problem we apply a moss killer to reduce the problem (if moss is severe or your lawn is compacted or boggy we can also scarify or aerate your lawn, see below). We also apply a selective lawn weedkiller that works only on the weeds not on the grass. It is specially formulated to kill the broad leaved weeds that invade lawns and suffocate grass such as (such as white Clover, Lesser Trefoil and Black Medick as well as the more easily controlled Dandelion, Daisy, Plantain and Common Mouse Ear). It works by stimulating growth at a rate that the weeds cannot sustain, in effect causing the weed to grow itself to death.

Summer Lawn Care 1

At the start of the summer we will apply a slow release fertiliser that will feed and nourish the lawn for 2 to 3 months, this encourages a thick sward and gives a nice deep green colour. We will also survey the lawn to see if your lawn needs a second application of our selective lawn weedkiller to manage the more persistent weeds that have remained after the previous spring treatment.

Summer Lawn Care 2

Towards the end of the summer we spray on a booster fertiliser which will carry on nourishing your lawn giving great colour and growth into the autumn.

Autumn/Winter Lawn Care

In late autumn we spray your lawn with a liquid feed, this toughens the lawn in preperation for winter and gives long lasting green colour and health support. It will also help to control the moss by removing its ability to reproduce.

Scarifying  (Optional Extra)

Scarifying is a vigorous process that treats the cause of moss from the lawn not just the symptoms by removing the thatch. This allows airflow to the base of the grass blades thus improving the growing conditions for the lawn. This in turn makes the grass much thicker and healthier by allowing more moisture to the roots and also gives the moss less of a chance to grow. Scarification should not be confused with lawn raking which is much less powerful and penetrates much shallower into the lawn.

Aeration (Optional Extra)

Aerating is the procedure of getting air into the lawn soil. It is these air spaces that partially fill up and store the rain water for use by the grass. A healthy soil should be approximately 50% water and air. Depending on your soil type we will use either solid or hollow tines to aerate your lawn (hollow tines for very clayey soil and solid tines for everything else).

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