Tip #10 – Top Bedding Displays

Try to include some white or silver plants such as cineraria or Salvia argentea in your bedding displays. They still look bright and cheerful oil dull or cloudy days, when reds, yellows and oranges can look faded. Acres Garden Services5 Richardson Close, Broughton Astley Leicestershire, LE, LE9 6NU UK • 07515 667 875

Tip #9 – Trimming Hedges

Always keep your clippers or shears sharp. They should be sharp enough to slice through paper. Carry a water misting bottle and keep the blades wet as this keeps them clear of the gummy residue produced by yew and makes clipping a lot easier. Or just clip the hedge when it’s wet!

Tip #8 – Produce the best flowering hellebores

For best flowering, plant hellebores where they receive full sun in late winter and spring. They are not ‘shade lovers’, they are shade tolerant, but produce big leaves and fewer and less well-coloured flowers when grown in shade. Deciduous shade in summer is fine.

Tip #7 – Promoting wildlife in your garden

One of the best ways to promote wildlife in your garden is to grow climbers up trellis, posts and fences. Once up the structure, let the plant bulk up to create thick growth and prune it to leave as much of this growth as possible. This creates space for birds to nest, insects to shelter and with the right plant, a food source. Ivy is a good […]

Tip #6 – Preventing peach tree pests

The most important preventable pest for peach trees is peach leaf curl. The fungus responsible for the disease over-winters in cracks in the bark. When the young leaves expand, the fungus attacks them and results in deformed leaves and the flowers and fruit dropping off. When the leaves have expanded to their full size though, they can no longer be infected. Spray the entire tree with Bordeaux Mixture in […]

Tip #5 – Sowing sweet peas

Now that the days are getting longer we are starting to sow our sweet pea seeds. We put the trays on top of up-turned pots and find that it stops the mice getting to them!

Tip #4 – Planting through weed proof membrane

When planting through the woven weed-proof membrane Mypex, avoid fraying by ‘stamping’ out your planting holes with a baked bean tin, attached to a metal rod and heated using a gas torch! Burning rather than cutting holes ensures the membrane lasts for years.

Tip #3 – When to prune blueberries

Everyone thinks you should prune blueberries in winter, but they benefit from being pruned in summer. People ask ‘What’s this long growth from the base of my blueberry?’ These are new shoots that need pruning. If you pinch these out in mid-June or early July when growth is soft, it will produce branching shoots which […]

Tip #2 – Make it easy to locate your snowdrops bulbs

Many of us can’t resist splashing out on special snowdrops. Try growing expensive snowdrops and other precious bulbs in bulb or waterlily baskets. Moisture and plant roots easily pass through theperforated sides, and the bulbs are easily located, even when they’re dormant.

Tip #1 – Keep slugs and snails say from your hostas

Keep slugs and snails at bay by spraying a garlic solution onto the leaves every two weeks during the active growth as slugs, snails and other molluscs do not like the taste. A garlic solution makes a great organic pest control for all your plants. Another good thing to do is to keep your used […]


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