What to do in the garden in May

This is the month that the garden really starts to give something back, a reminder of the work that you will have put in so far this year. Hopefully you will have a bounty of colour, all the rain we have had recently will mean that there should be plenty of lush greenery and if […]

What to do in the garden in April

April is usually a real wake up call after winter (especially the extra long one we’re having!!), you’ll hopefully have shoots popping up all over the place and buds opening up. Usually this time of year is wet even in South Leicester! But this year we are looking at some drier periods. You’ll feel great […]

What to do in the Garden in March

Here in Leicester the beginning of March may feel like as if the garden is only just starting to come back to life after it’s long winter snooze, but this is the month when spring officially arrives across the country. Here’s what to do outside… Prune back roses and shrubs as necessary and then apply […]

What to do in the Garden in February

This month many of the spring flowering bulbs starting to appear. Obviously what comes up depends on what you’ve previously put in the ground. Crocuses, daffodils, snowdrops and even the buds on trees will all stat to make an appearance. The weather in February can be mixed and it is likely that the colder weather […]

What to do in the Garden in January

Here at Acres Garden Services in South Leicestershire we are kicking off the New Year with some top gardening tips… With the weather as mild as it is you may need to top your grass but only do so when there is no frost on the ground, if you walk on grass when there is frost on it you […]

What to do in the garden in November

Pick up those autumn leaves...

November is a generally a wet month it is also known for the beginning of frosts and for the last couple of years it has also snowed! Here’s a few tips from us here at Acres Garden Services in South Leicestershire for your November garden. What to do with your lawn in November Clearing dead leaves […]

What to do in the Garden in October

Now the evenings are really drawing in but there are still bits you can get on with… Raking up leaves Last chance to prune climbing roses Prune conifer hedges planting of various trees shrubs and climbers Mow the lawn if necessary Repair patches in lawn if it’s not too cold already. Autumn is definitely here […]

What to do in the Garden in September

Apologies for the lack of blogging, as I’m sure you know things get very busy during the summer! This is the month where things start to get a bit wet even in South Leicester!, it will also be still relatively warm so it is perfect for many pests and diseases to flourish. Looking on the bright side, it is […]

Free Lawncare for 12 months

We are running a prize draw to give away 12 months of free lawn care! To enter simply like our page and leave a comment on our wall (just so we know who has entered). Then in a months time (April 12th 2013) we’ll draw a name at random from those who have entered. Please […]

Tip #10 – Top Bedding Displays

Try to include some white or silver plants such as cineraria or Salvia argentea in your bedding displays. They still look bright and cheerful oil dull or cloudy days, when reds, yellows and oranges can look faded.


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