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April is usually a real wake up call after winter (especially the extra long one we’re having!!), you’ll hopefully have shoots popping up all over the place and buds opening up. Usually this time of year is wet even in South Leicester! But this year we are looking at some drier periods. You’ll feel great being outside in your garden in April, there is so much to do and see that you’ll be as busy as you allow yourself to be this month.

Things to generally look out for…

The Weather – April can bring with it some of the most random weather of the year, expect everything from snow to summers days. Don’t be tempted to bring out your protected plants thinking that the frosts are done. If needed do some watering, despite the months reputation for April showers it’s not always the case and a good soak during a dry spell can work wonders. Make sure that you keep anything that you planted in the last six months well watered. Broughton Astley is no desert but anywhere without rain will kill plants!

Greenfly – Take some time to go over your plants looking for greenfly and squash, spray or wash them off.

Pruning – Prune out any frost damaged stems, if you missed it last month now is your last chance to prune your roses.

Planting – If you are planning on planting out any trees, shrubs or climbers then do so quick before the weather gets warmer and drier.

Flowers – Lift and divide crowded clumps of autumn bulbs. Make sure that all the supports for the herbaceous perennials are in place and then apply a good feed to them. Keep dead heading any daffodils and other flowers as necessary.

Lawn – Keep your blades relatively high for the beginning of the season. Water when the weather is drier to make sure it all stays nice and green.

Ponds – Divide overcrowded marginals and pond plants. Plant out now oxygenators ready for the sun hitting the surface as this will prevent unwanted green nasties building up.

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