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November is a generally a wet month it is also known for the beginning of frosts and for the last couple of years it has also snowed! Here’s a few tips from us here at Acres Garden Services in South Leicestershire for your November garden.

What to do with your lawn in November

Clearing dead leaves can be a real chore, we have specialist mechanical equipment that does the hard work for us but if you are doing it yourself then try using a wide rake with sprung tines to avoid tearing up your grass. Once you have collected them all up put them into your compost bin, leaves can take some time to compost naturally so kick start the composting process by using an organic activator such as New Horizon Compost Maker. Now is also your last chance to do things that you really should have done earlier such as aerating and applying an autumn feed. These should only be done in mild weather, do not go near the grass if there is a frost as you run the risk of killing it.

  • Give the grass its final cut for the year with the blades set higher
  • Let oxygen down to the roots by aerating the lawn
  • Give it an autumn feed if you haven’t already done so

What to do with your vegetable garden in November

Weeding is in order now, other crops don’t seem to grow too well at this time of year but it doesn’t seem to bother the weeds. Try to get rid of them before they go to seed and cause even more problems in the future. Now is a good time to dig in some bulky compost or manure to your beds, even if you don’t have time to dig it in just leave it on top of the beds and the worms will do some of the work for you.

If you want to have some lovely broad beans in May and June then pick up a tough variety such as ‘Aquadulce Claudia’ so the seeds outside now with a 20cm spacing and at 5cm depth in a double row so that the plants  support when they grow. Hardy peas can also be sown now.

  • Cut away dead leaves from strawberry beds
  • Store your bean poles away
  • Cut down your ferny asparagus tops
  • Prune back raspberry canes
  • Sow beans and hardy peas
  • Harvest your first parsnips

What to do with your flower beds in November

Many herbaceous perennials die back as the cold weather set in. Cut back their leafy tops just above the soil level and compost them. You can take cuttings from deciduous shrubs as their leaves start to fall, keep them in a warmer sheltered spot push the cuttings vertically into gritty soil and leave to root. If you have some rooting hormone powder it is a good idea to dip them in to that first.

  • Dig up and store your dahilas in a frost free place
  • Order and plant your bare root plants
  • Bring any tender plants under cover before the frost hits
  • Move any shrubs that are not in the correct place
  • Collect up the leaves off the ground and out of the beds
  • Prune the tops of your roses

What to do with your greenhouse in November

Keep your green house well vented to keep any diseases at bay.

  • Bring any tender plants under cover before the frost hits
  • Remove any shading that you had put up and clean glass inside and out to let in more light
  • Sow sweet peas in to pots
  • Water potted plants sparingly and never leave them standing in water
  • Pick any green tomatoes left over
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