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Well, the freezing temperatures are tending to keep most of us indoors at the moment and rightly so, it’s so cold out there! If any of you do get the chance to get out on the ice, the first job that needs your attention is tidying the beds and removing leaves. If your shed is a little warmer, then you can take the time to clean and oil your tools and machinery. Other general jobs that need looking into will be cleaning you potting equipment and materials in the Greenhouse. If you have a pond, take the leaves out of the pond as they will kill the ecosystem by absorbing all the oxygen. If it’s frozen over and you don’t have fish the best thing to do is to brush off any snow and then leave well enough alone, if you do have fish then you probably want to melt (NOT smash) a hole in the ice, heating up a pan of water and sitting it on the ice will do the trick.

If you are not currently working from a plan it would be a good time to put one together. Plan out which plants you would like to grow and then the crop rotation system you should use. Keep reading for some great tips from us here at Acres Garden Services on what to do in December.

What to do with your vegetable garden in December

After all your Beans and Peas have been harvested, dig over the ground and then leave it for the winter. Legumes (beans and peas…) have bacteria stored in nodules attached to their roots which contain Nitrogen. If you haven’t already done so take out any root vegetables you have left in the ground. You can also plant out late crops such as Cauliflower. Plant garlic cloves in pots and keep them in your shed ready to transplant later. Broad beans should be planted well away from any windy spots and early varieties of vegetables can be planted in the greenhouse.

What to do with your fruit garden in December

Now is the time to get out the catalogues and make your choices for the following year and get them posted. Now is also the time to move any fruit trees to new locations if you wish. If you still have any Apples or Pears then harvest them and store them away. Fruit cuttings should be burnt to prevent any infections spreading through the rest of the garden.

What to do with your flower garden in December

Any perennials you have need to be potted up and brought under cover over winter. Fallen leaves should be removed from the borders. Annuals  can be cut down and put in the compost. If you have any time left after all that then prepare the beds for planting next year by clearing out any dead plants ( don’t forget to collect the seeds to sow next year). Any herbaceous plants you have can be lifted and divided, and shrubs and bushes should be moved now if you need to. Lawns and pathways should be prepared now before the frost damages them any more. DO NOT walk on frozen grass it will damage it. By now you should have your spring bulbs in the ground, if not get the last ones in ASAP. In the unlikely event that you have not had any frost yet you can continue to take cuttings, if you have had frost then it’s to late and you’ll have to wait till next year.

What to do with your greenhouse in December

Wait for a sunny day and then clean the glass down, then you can insulate the whole greenhouse using bubble wrap. You may also want to consider getting a small paraffin heater to take the chill out of the air.

Check your plants weekly to make sure they are not infected with any diseases or rotting. Realistically the majority of pests and diseases will be subdued for the winter, but it’s still a good idea to keep a look out for red spider mite, greenfly and whitefly. Frost is the main concern in December and protection is paramount, all of your tender plants should now be indoors or at least undercover.

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