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March is the gardens gentle alarm clock telling it to wake up and get into gear (just a low gear though!). This is the month that the garden makes a relaxed start to the year, but while the garden might be relaxed the gardener certainly can not afford to be relaxed. Spring officially arrives this month and to stay on top of things one needs to be out in the garden as often as possible.

March is an easy month to get out there because there is lots to be getting on with and enjoy. The first signs of the daffodils should be starting to show their faces along with many other shoots and buds. If all this doesn’t entice you out into the garden then I don’t know what will !!

Things to generally look out for…

Bugs – This is the time of year that many bug start to wake up and start pottering about, so get out on a pest patrol (don’t forget the underside of leaves).

Weeding – Use a hoe for quick removal of weeds, once done, a good layer of mulch should keep them at bay. Many weeds can be composted at this time of year as they are not seeding yet but if you are unsure throw them out or burn them to be sure.

Pruning – Shrub and bush roses can be pruned now along with any dogwoods or willows that you have. Make sure that you cut out all of the dead or diseased growth.

Lawn – Set your blades high for the first cut of the year, overseed any bare or thin areas and clear any leaves / branches from the lawn.

Ponds – Clear out any fallen leaves and other debris that may have gathered over winter.

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